Product Name: Black Diamond Trader

Author:  Mark Christopher

Headline: A Complete Trading System with Automator. The Ultimate Trading System for Any Symbol, Any Chart Type

Price: $177 then $67 a month (Currently running 50% off – $88.50)

Money Back Guarantee: Yes – 60 Days.

What Do You Get?

  • Detailed Manual and Training Videos
  • Additional Training Programs
  • Two Copies of Black Diamond Trader 2 (Use on Live and Demo Account)
  • Access to Black Diamond Trader 2 Support Center
  • Live Personal Support
  • Upgrades For Life

Where To Buy:

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Brief Summary:

Black Diamond Trader 2 is a Trading Product for traders who prefer manual trading but also for those who would like to automate their trades yet still remain in control of their money and trades. The system can work in any market and on practically any trading symbol in nearly any time frame giving the trader the flexibility of choosing from literally thousands of chart and symbol combinations.

Black Diamond Trader Review

Black Diamond Trader

Black Diamond Trader 2 is a system that is comprised of 3 totally unique indicators that generate both entries and exit signals with automatic stop loss and profit taking. You can use it manually to enter the signals, or to use the EA to execute the trades automatically.

The Black Diamond Trader can trade Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Emini contracts – virtually any tradeable security and it profits on all of them. It works on trending and ranging markets as well, as its filters allows it to identify the condition of the market and react accordingly.

This trading system uses 3 filters to confirm the trades: market sentiment, trend direction and trend strength indicator – these 3 filters make sure the trades are highly accurate and have very high win rate. It also teaches you how to trade pullbacks, identify high probability trades, read the overall market sentiment and know which trades you can take for maximum profits. Unlike most systems, the signals of the Black Diamond trader are leading, so you enter the trades before the market moves so your reward is immense.

The Black Diamond 2 Trading System is a complete trading system that works in any market and any time frame.  This makes it a very versatile trading system that fits every traders needs.  The Black Diamond 2 System combines 2 very powerful fundamental rules of trading:

  1. Trade in the direction of the overall trend
  2. Buy Dips and Sell Rallies to get the best entries and highest profits

If you have been studying trading of any kind, you already know it is best to trade in the direction of the overall trend.  And you have no doubt heard, “buy dips and sell rallies”.  But when looking at your trading chart in real time… that is easier said that done.

The Black Diamond 2 Trading System fixes this problem for you by first identifying the direction of the trend you should be trading in and second, identifying the perfect entry points to join the trend (dips and rallies).

The Black Diamond 2 system gives you all the information you need to identify high probability trade setups.  So, let’s say you are watching the charts and a great setup to go long on the EURUSD comes along.  According to the rules, you need to wait for price to reach a certain level before entering the trade.  (This ensures getting the best possible price and keeps you out of a lot of losing trades).  You just set up your Black Diamond EA to take the next trade and manage it perfectly… and you are done.

Instead of having to sit there staring at the charts waiting for the price level to get hit, and then sitting there managing the trade, you just set up your Expert Advisor to do everything for you.  And the great thing about automating your trade like this is it ensures you trade according to the rules EVERY TIME.

No more costly mistakes because you interfered with a trade due to fear or greed.

In conclusion, the Black Diamond 2 Trading System has you trading like a professional trader from day 1.

  • You know what direction to take the trade.
  • You know the perfect place to enter the trade.
  • And you can automate your trading (if you wish), to save time and avoid mistakes.


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