Product Name: Forex Mentor Pro

Author:  Marc Walton

Headline: Ready To Get Serious Results From Your Trading? Get The Tools & Trading Systems You Need To Start Making Consistent, Bankable PROFITS!

Price: 14 day trial is just $1 and then $49.95 per month

Please note that without any obligation to purchase the service you can access and download a really excellent 61 page pdf called ‘How to Trade Forex’ by Marc Walton.

Money Back Guarantee: Yes – 30 Days.

What Do You Get?

– Free 61 Page Downloaded which you can print-off.
– Paid for mentoring program.

Where To Buy:

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Brief Summary:

Forex Mentor Pro from Marc Walton is a forex trading mentoring service. You get daily market analysis from Mark, trading systems to follow, access to the members only forum and ongoing support and education.

What’s It All About?

It is important to say at the outset that this is not a ‘tipping’ or ‘signal’ service and it Marc says he prides himself on a following a ‘high pedigree’ type of  ‘educative’ approach to mentoring.

Marc emphasises that he spent a few years wasting both time and money (over $10, 000 he claims) and had only focussed on 15 minute charts using a variety of different approaches – which I guess resonates with a good many of us!

He turned it all around by focusing on the longer time-frames and now trades almost exclusively on the 4 Hour and Daily Charts, and he finds this much less stressful and also highly profitable.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

Always difficult to quantify as it depends so much on the ‘per pip’ amount you are using. He doesn’t give an actual figure, but I personally would not recommend a bank of less than 2000 pips, as some of the trade examples, whilst emphasising the need for minimising risk, still exceed 50 pips on some occasions.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Depends so much on the usual disciplines and how you carry out trades. Marc talks of frequently making pip profits well into the hundreds in a week. Whether you’ll get these results is another matter.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Will vary from person to person, but with the use of the longer time frames clearly ‘patience will be a virtue’! Although you won’t need to ‘baby – sit’ the trades as such there will be some very necessary monitoring, and taking of ‘first target’ profits, and moving up stop -losses etc…

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

A PC or a laptop and an appropriate trading account/platform.

Value For Money?

Good, considering the amount of education and guidance provided.

Quality Of Customer Service?

Excellent. Every email I sent was answered thoroughly and very promptly.

Forex Mentor Pro Review

Forex Mentor ProI was very impressed first off with Marc’s FREE 61 page manual, and this is provided without any commitment to make any payment to join the main service! So impressed in fact that I actually consider it is a more valuable manual to both new and existing traders than probably 2/3rds or more of the ‘paid-for’ manuals ou there.

It is well written in clear and plain English, and it covers a full spectrum of contents and a central point is that he has moved away from the short (minutes) time–frames and as a result he has had great success with the longer timeframes of 4 hour, daily and even weekly!

When you do pay and ‘sign up’ the members area contains various headings which are: Forex Education, Mentor Blogs, Forum, Trading Tools, Products, Broker Rebates and Contact details.

The ‘Forex Education’ part is absolutely superb! You get the S.T.T (Simple Trend Trading System) which was created by Dean Saunders and it states that although the system requires some practice to master, it is well worth the effort! This course comprises no less than 16 videos and 7 downloads.

Please don’t let that put you off at all, because whilst I usually find that videos are a mixture of long, disjointed, un-professional or plain boring, I don’t find these are in the least like that. All areas are covered including Trend lines, Candlesticks, Support and Resistance, Psychological levels, Entries and Stop Loss, Reducing Risk, Confluence, When not to Trade, Last minute Checks, Managing and Closing Trades, Risk v Reward, Tips for success and a whole host of others!

The mentor logs from all 3 contributors are excellent too, with up to the minute information about what is happening generally in the market and the outlook for coming days and week.

The Forum looks excellent too with nearly 1000 threads, over 23,000 posts and getting close to 3000 members and it is clearly growing. So there is clearly much variety and interest in this!

So what makes this site stand out for me? Well firstly it oozes professionalism and genuineness. The standard of education and coaching is excellent and it is kept in simple easy to understand segments with each video typically lasting around 5 to 10 minutes.

As previously stated this is not a ‘trading tips’ or ‘signals’ service and Marc encourages people to take things very steadily, depending on their prior experience in Forex Trading. There are clearly variations both in ‘what to trade’ in terms of both the currency pairs and the timeframes, although he is very clear that you are expected to use the longer timeframes already referred to above.

So this inevitably means that no two people will make identical trades, although there is clearly a well defined ‘map’ for people to follow in aiming to maximize their profits.


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